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About Me

I am fascinated by storytelling—the stories people tell about their lives, the stories we, as designers, tell about possible futures, and the story created during the process of building new products and services. Throughout my career I've struggled to label myself because I follow projects from beginning to end. I discover problems through immersive empathy research, define product strategies, iterate new product and service concepts, rapidly prototype and test physical and digital experiences, and collaborate with engineers and business leaders to bring well rounded products to market.

I am particularly interested in designing complex multi-platform systems and untraditional interfaces, be it a tiny IoT device with 16 LEDs and a complex set of data to communicate to it's user, or a data driven system for investigators to track down and eliminate credit card fraudsters.

The world is moving past apps, we have smart devices, smart homes, smart cities, all of which need to communicate with us and with eachother. Understanding and solving human problems for an ever changing future gets me out of bed every day. It is challenging and exciting to have the opportunity to affect the way people interact with their devices, their data, and eachother.

I can't wait to see where my career takes me. One of my favorite parts of design is how it has allowed me to immerse myself in worlds I never expected: entomology, credit card fraud, STEM education, drones. I love that every few months I get to become an expert in something completely new, and learn from people who are wildly passionate about what they do. I wonder what's next?